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feeling heaven in havana!

It was late on november 10 when i landed in cuba, it was really a nice weather, I must say that cuba was really gifted in terms of good weather and nice beaches, especially the one in varadero , where tourist flocked from canada just to feel the warm embrace of nature and to escape the bloody winter cold.

desayunar means breakfast in spanish, and what i started my day eating boiled egg with slice of ham and fish when i saw my clock almost 8.45 am, i really hate waking up early mornings, but when i saw their naranja means orange jugo means juice i feel vibrated.


i bought souvenirs after i left breakfast past ten am and i was surprised in the hotel of brisas del caribe, they close after. the stamps where are popular in cuba had 24 displays plus 15 pcs for just 8 CUC. 1 CUC=0.70 canadians. Then i guess, being a tourist in cuba is much different compare to locals who had also spend for cuban peso.


sunset in varadero beach, one of tourist destination here

So i bought a stamps which had 41 pcs of it and the other is 24 pcs. i loved to collect stamps which featured some of the cuban hero, che guevarra.


the people of cuba, as they serenade the tourist having breakfast in the hotel

one of the souvenirs to buy in cuba is the cuban cigar, cuban hat which cost you around 10 CUC, stamps for 8 CUC for 41 stamps pieces, che guevarra special stamp which is 5 CUC and the cuban flag which cost 8 CUC this bag cost me around 15 CUC. pin is 2 CUC and sticker is 2 CUC.if you want also to try their massage it cost you 45 CUC. and the internet in cuba is not really good because they are not allowed to bring antennae tv or satellite dish  which is very slow and cost you around 2 CUC for couple of hours. avoid the @ button in the keyboard since this is really annoying for mostly keyboards in cuba.


the famous stall market in havana selling fruits and garlic  herbs


the famous coco taxi in havan for a ride of 10 CUC

COCO TAXI,     This taxi is famous all over havana and you can ride if for 10 CUC but for minimum distance within havana city only. they will charge depends if you go to havana to varadero which took you 1hr or  less 30 minutes


famous taxi and car of havana

One also car in havana is the old volkswagen, i must say they are such a history but this taxi is also for rent, they can ride you from varadero , or matanzas or anywhere in cuba for rental hire.

I am almost hungry seeing those people walking around the beach so i grabe for lunch which is all inclusive for travellers if you book with the airline and holiday package


fish which the hotel serves their guest


the apartment in havana cuba where people from different culture walks


the view of havana in matanzas


famous beach of varadero with white sands and green waters


she said 1 CUC or 1 dollar per picture, so be aware!


the famous catholic church in havana.


its nice pool in brisas del caribe all inclusive package tour for 7 days airfare included


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