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kalapati of milan


It was in the middle of october when my friend fetched me up from kreuzlingen, where my cousin lives, to go to simplon where engkanto lives. from simplon we cross 1 hour to the border of domodolsolla where there was a train station going to milan , italia.


travel from Milan to Domodossola and then connect with the scenic Cento Valli railway for the trip to Locarno (Switzerland). It’s an incredibly beautiful (and again posh) city right on the lake. While there you could again visit the Casino, have a look at the impressive Madonna del Sasso Franciscan Monastery or take the Cable Car up to the alpine area of Cardada.


There’s a restaurant with an outdoor patio right next to the cable car station where you can have a meal and a cool one, while watching Paragliders sail by. There are a couple of other restaurants there, slightly uphill towards the small chair lift that goes to the top of the mountain. If you walk through the woods past the first restaurant I mentioned, there’s a platform that extends out over a cliff, providing an exceptional view of the valley and lake. At the conclusion of your visit, either take the “regular” train back to Milan OR take the Aliscafo (Hydrofoil) back to Stresa and then a train back to Milan (train ride is again about an hour). One variation on this suggestion – stay in Stresa for two nights and make the trip to Locarno as a day trip.

then from domodolsolla, it took as an hour to drove a train going to central station.there are 5 stations from domodolsolla before you reach your destination, the il duomo.the ticket in the train varies it depends where in italia you go.


we paid total of 200 euros for 3 of us back and forth.from domodolsolla to milan. we did by just two day trip because of time adjustments.


milan has an entrance fee below. you can also climb which took you 200 steps just to step the reach top of the tower.


i made it on the top of the view from il duomo

it was really great feeing after all the tourist flocking to reach it, kids and adults find themselves worthy of climbing the almost 300 steps just to get on there.


a tourist asking for information on the handsome guards


not yet but i feel like sneezing dog due to lots of tourist everyday


entrance of il duomo in euros


the information regarding the church time and entrance fee.


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