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travel to el salvador


sights and scene of beautiful a taco, where US dollar are accepted.

it was the 17 of may that myself went to el salvador from the Gadventure group, with my partner and we are headed from poneloya towards suchitoto.  the travel in a van is 4 hours, with the border and boat for 2 hours and another van 3 hours more.


beautifu ataco at the top of the church

my day started at 6.30 am with breakfast(desayunar) in spanish, to settle everything on the turtle lodge before departing , I feel little mad because i am eating breakfast and my friend tells me that he asked if he can have the cordova left before we change to el salvador from nicaragua. I left on foot at 7 a as we walked towards 5 minutes in a forest to go to the lake for our final departing. The horse carried already our stuff


my fellow Gadventure travellers alice, and johanna both british

I bought a t shirt for 2 tank tops which cost each 8 $ or 205 cordoba. So its almost for 1 dollar is 250 cordoba, i paid for the horse for one hour.The horse is a little bit shy at first but he tried to dragged me once and almost injured in my leg.


feeling worried that the horse wasn’t like me

We started sailing at 7.40 am, The bus departed after 1.45 minutes , so we had stopped to buy something to eat at the grocery shop, I bought gatorate for 26 cordoba and wafer and biscuit at 6 cordoba, the we arrive at the bought for 2 hours sailing going to el salvador, suchitoto.


with the travellers posing as we enter a taco


the muddy crossing between poneloya towards suchitoto in el salvador

Then we arrived at the boat for 2 hours sailing going to the border of el salvador after the minivan travel at 11 am and the nicaraguan boarder takes about half hour for the visa thing



posing time before the boat sails to el salvador which took 2 hours from nicaragua

12.30 pm after 2 hours of sailing we had arrived in immigration border in el salvador.

the immigration between nicar and el salvador which i had payed 10 $ visa fee,

I just noticed that charlotte try to swam in the water. After sailing 2 hrs from the pacific ocean we rescued some vultures trap and lost in the open sea,2 of them

Then were heading to el salvador at 2.30 pm we had arrived for lunch with our hungry stomach at the port of el salvador, we ate in a restaurant de marino where i ate lobster for 15 $ with rice and some bread, Then we departed at 4 pm as we stopped for the stamp of our passports, I got the stickers of el salvador.


el salvador stamps for US10 at the top of my US visa.

we arrived at the hotel posada, alta vista. I had a new friend name eduardo and he’s nice. I add him at fb at 8.30 pm we went to ta restaurant name el harlequin where we had a funny dinner with the group.


my friend eduardo ,a hunk in el salvador


the hunk, eduardo botamais

I ordered a bistek for 6 $ and their juice was really good, the orange. for just 2 $. We went out at 9.45 pm going to the hotel.


hungry for more?for just 2 dollar


the colourful view of ataco, el salvador


ataco on the town


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