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niagara! the falls for all ages!

Day 4 September 22

Wake up at 8 am but no breakfast and the shower is terrible it takes me time to configure the hot and cold.the bus driver is a old indian and take us like 12 minutes to the yonder-dundas square for it the driver is chinese 68 yrs old and after counting it takes us 10 minutes to aboard the bus. its like 30 people seater and start from dundas square then going to niagara falls for about one hour and 30 minutes, i met brazilian and american and australian tourists couple.

then at exactly 11 45 am toronto time we arrive there and we have to get to the boat.if u don’t pay combo it takes like 22 dollar for the boat ride, then it takes 15 minutes to watch niagara falls in between US and canada border.its fun i am wet to be honest and were getting back at 12 then i have to go to time to buy spicy chicken and then buy souvenir jacket which is large for 24 +4 is 28 dollars. t

hen at 2 pm we have to go back to the bus to go to largest dam and pool for 10 minutes we take pic and then after 5 minutes we stop to niagara energy and then drop us to the shuttle for 5 mms to buy the famous ice cream…it was good. and then at 4 30 pm we have to go back and he make counting one guy lost and at almost 5 pm we went to wine factory and ice wine is good. the bus left at 6pm then take us 2 hrs to drive to the city and we last couple to drop. then at 830 i paid dinner for 68 dollars plus 5 dollar tip for chinese restaurant which is candle light, i eat duck peking and it wasn’t not good coz its wrap we arrive back at 10 30 coz we have to walk at 35 minutes going to studio 6, 635 grange.


niagara on the other side of canada


niagara on the US border


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