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coco taxi in havana!

Last day in cuba

breakfast went in 8.30 am where the students in the weekend serve us. Then my breakfast is toast and piece of bread.Then I went to the room at 9 am to change clothes. Then @ 920 am i went to go to the gym with rajiv, 28 years old.


coco taxi in havana


people of cuba

Day 4 in havana

at 8 am we our outside and wait for our bus going to havana, Then the transazur bus came in. Pick us up and he was a black man who was our tour guide , a cuban who knows several languages french spanish of course english and more. the bus pick us more couple in different hotels the last was the hotel melia and plaza america and some old filipino couple , then  at 9.30 am after all the 16 persons in one bus picked up, then we are heading towards central havana. We stopped at 10.30 am near club havana for 20 mins to have something to eat



the view of matanzas town on the way to havana

Engkanto orderd pina colada for 2 pesos each and then 11.30 am we arrived in havana. then the tour guide walked us on as we stopped over for 15 minutes to the tobacco coffee where I saw the italian girls both are in 20’s & 30’s shop for liquor

Then we passed the havana shops where there are vendors who selling souvenirs but i left my bag at the bus so I didn’t have the change to buy damn! CUC was the currency for tourist in cuba where 1 CUC= 0.70 canadian dollar. I just took the picture of havana on the bay side. Then at 12 noon we went to the restaurant to ate. The name of the restaurant is florin tin, where flocking tourist from all over central cuba dine in


florintin restaurant in havana where they serve cuban food


selfie in havana

the expensive liquor store in havana holds the guiness world record shop.


the famous tobacco factory in havana holds the guiness world record tobacco shop


those modern taxi are all over cuba.


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