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I am gonna miss geneva!

After the breakfast with diego, and evelyn and her daughter anja, I saw her other daughter came late at 8.30 am to go to the mountain and we had ate just bread and strawberry jam! In my case chocolate drink wasn’t really bad there. her daughter just went a jacket with hollister . We wake up at 7.55 am and had breakfast at 8.24 am. After shower and bath, we left to say goodbye from brig. 




geneva, the central trade of switzerland

We passed the lake geneva in france, for 2 hours of driving! At 12.40 pm, before we stop to a restaurant to park, we go to the lake Geneva to make picture! My canada eye glass falls down to the stone. aye! nakita pa mud mako na pa sinking, just like landing in the water! so much annoy!

Geneva, is one of the expensive city to live. Here in switzerand everything is expensive.


why is geneva so special

At 1.37 pm we drove back and ate at les art france but we met and ate turkey  with french fries and some white red wine.




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