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guide for filipino emigrants


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what to bring

passport. must be valid six months before travel

visa. embassy packet for US bound-confirmation of permanent residence for canada bound, certificate of eligibility for japan bound, letter of approval for work residence in new zealand,visa grant letter notice for australia bound, null usta for italy bound, copy of employment contract for immigrant workers

plane ticket

travel tax economy/business class 1.620 pesos first class aged 2 years and below are exempted Fifty percent discount for children 2 to 11 years old, processing exemption fee 200 pesos.

payment can be made through an airline office, travel agency, or at the travel tax counter at the airport,

you may also pay at the tourism infrastructure and enterprise zone authority located at DOT bldg, tim authority kalaw st. 

terminal fee for 2 years and above 550 

Baggage .. carry on seven kilograms, 45 inches in dimension  check in 62 inches in dimension piece system US and canada 2 pieces at 23 kilograms per piece

weight system: other countries 40 kilograms for first class, 30 kilograms for business calls, 20 kilogram for economy class

the canadian customs requires 2 copies of items listing of things that you are bringing with you form B4e personnel effects accounting documents and those that are arriving later

Travel clearance for resigned, recently retired and on leave employees and officials from the government sector that are cleared from liabilities from the government




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