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get to banff and lake louise


Rent a canoe and paddle to the far end of this turqouise alpine lake to where the Victoria Glacier reaches toward the shoreline. Take an easy stroll around the lakeshore and be back for tea at the Fairmont Chateu Lake Louise In the sumer, take the Lake Louise Gondola to an elevation of 2,088 m or 6.850 ft and watch for grizzly bears below.


At the top there are number of easy to intermediate hikes.

Ride to the top of sulphur mountain on the banff gondola and take in the breathtaking views in every direction. Surrounded by six mountain ranges see the townsite of Banff nestled far below. Take a short hike along walkway to Sansons Peak and watch for the wildlife


Banff National park was established in 1885 as canada first national park


fee when entering gondola in banff.


Banff National park is home to 7 national historic sites. The highest mountain in banff national park was thought to be mt. forbes at 3,612 m but the summit of Mt. Asssinboine actually crosses the park border, making it the highest at 3,619 m


The largest man made lake in Banff national park is lake minnewaka while the largest natural lake is hector lake. The bow river, whose source is the bow glacier and bow lake flows through banff and continues as far as hudson bay.


Banff is the highest town in canada with an elevation of $,537 ft or 1383 meters, Banff and Lake Louise offer a natural richness that is becoming increasingly rare and which was recognized in 1865 when the Park was designated a United Nations Word heritage.

A unique preserve and protected world heritage site is virtually the same sight which greeted explorers, mountain climbers and adventurers when they came to the rockies from around the world over 100 years ago. Using hemp ropes and sheer determination mountain guides.



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