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birth tourism for citizenship in Canada

Now is the trending news across Canada right now is birth tourism from overseas mom who came to Canada to make birth to a new born baby.. Not just new born babies but for the purpose of citizenship.

Mostly overseas women came to Canada are came from Russia, Southeast Asia and even United states just for citizenship and automatic Canadian passport for the new baby born in Canadian soil

This opportunity can make the baby automatic citizenship by law and can sponsor his parents from overseas to come to Canada as permanent residency

The purpose also of being  a citizenship can give the person free healthcare and fee school for babies turn to toddler.

This will be based on creating a new law that will conserve this alarming baby tourism birth for the Conservative party

This also take the opportunity for tourism baby birth to be a Canadian and some of the mother who give birth pay half and mostly just free.. This will taking out spots for residents to used the resources that should be for them.

I hope the Conservative government of Justin T. can do something of this abusive to get babies get the Canadian passport automatically when born in Canadian soil

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