red deer / TRAVEL

bower ponds

Welcom to Bower ponds, the heart of Waskasoo park system, the multi season park offers almost two kilometres of paved trail around the interconnect ponds, branching off from the ponds, you will find more paved trails that lead to great west adventure park and lions campground to the north and heritage ranch to the south, Through the Wdscn2082askasoo park trail system, it is possible to connect to with the entire city.

Bower Ponds was originally the site of a sawmill owned by the great west lumber Company, After the sawmill closed in 1916, the site sat dormant for years. It seemed destined to become a waste disposal area until the Red Deer Fish and Game association  began investigating the potential for developing a series  of trout ponds, With the support and determination of Mr. Hugh Bower, the trout pond proposal went ahead, Hugh Bower want the area developed to resemble the old mill pond, and in 1975, he donate funds to rejuvenate the site.


The province of Alberta contributed additional funding and Hugh Bowers dream became a reality when Bower Ponds officially opened in 1980.

dscn2097the Entrance is free. Open monday till sunday. 10 am till 5 pm

from red deer just 5 minute drive from downtown.


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