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my memories in wonderful indonesia

The name of the airport in jakarta is Soekarno-Hatta airport . From the airport take a DAMRI bus just few minutes of walking from the 2nd floor like 15 minutes to arrive from the locket(ticket).

SONY DSCThe price of ticket depends on where you go.For example 40,000 rupiah I paid for going to Gambir train station.



Bus takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive in Gambir station which exclusive only for executive going to yogyokarta. Economy and business will go to Pasar Senen station only. executive costs 230,000 till 350,000 rupiah depends on which destination you want to go.

SONY DSCFor example i went to yogyakarta via executive train and it cost me 350,000 rupiah where is a price of one way. For saturday and sunday train services should be book one day before so you will get on the right time and you will never missed anything.



From Gambir station you can take executive bus for 260,000 rupiah going to yogyakarta  and it takes 8 hours of riding time. Executive has good toilet and clean couch and pillow. Train is usually in time and leave every  hour.

SONY DSCYou can check in the designated terminal an hour before your departure. Economy bus and executives start and departs from Pasar Senen. Gambir station executive only going to yogyakarta.


From Yogyakarta station you can go to the famous Borubodur temple for 75000 rupiahs via Damri bus. Just located at the entrance of the train station besides the train ticketing office (kantor). Taxis can take y ou there but it takes an hour and will ripped you off for 200,000 rupiahs or 250k. 1 USD= 13,400 rupiahs



borubodor is an ancient work of art. It just located near the borobudur terminal on the right side and the entrance of this magnificent man made temple are 260,000 rupiahs with free bottle of water. For prambanan temples cost 230,000 rupiahs which are located in the other side one hour from the borobudur.

SONY DSCyou can get the package for 460,000 rupiahs. The temple will amazed you for so many bells cone like in third rotation where the buddha is located. dont be confused with buddha that is just small located between each rotation of the cone and mostly cone has buddha with no head




There is no train from yogyakarta direct to bali because Bali is isolated by the sea. So you need to go to Jombor bus terminal to get tickets which cost 275,000 AC with one meal free during the trip. Malam trip means Night trip.15134799_1895709557374540_2130241273332863746_n

All the buses going from Jombor bus station will depart 2 pm and you will arrive in Bali 18 hours. The buses go there are safari .the ferry is already included which took one hour of sailing.SONY DSC

you can buy all your train tickets to alfamart convenience store which open mostly 24 jam, Indomaret also book tickets online all mostly train station overnight and daytime. Check also in 7 eleven branches. but only limited.15135726_1895709554041207_8830826391912216481_n

In the southern part of yogyakarta is the Giwangan bus station. Where gunung harta bus station lies. Just like jombor they are much expensive AC with one meal and 2 snacks. for 350,000 rupiahs. The bus will depart at 12 noon time.

Gilimanuk is the hub in bali where you can also purchased ticket from the bus or an agent.

The trip to Bali will arrive in Ubung terminal. You can check uber to get taxi going to your hostel. In seminyak which you can see the beach below called double six. or Kuta beach.


The beach chair will cost you around 50,000 rupiahs to 100,000 rupiahs. 1 USD= 13,300 rupiahs. Bali are much expensive because it is tourist destination. Yogyokarta especially in Marliboro streets sells are lot of souvenirs from batik clothing to magnets to t shirts to any merchandises. t shirt cost around 50,000 till 75,000 rupiahs.Kantor pos (post office) also are cheaper which sells stamps for more or less 8000 (going to the philipppines)


Bali will be the tourist hub for clubs like sky garden which are singing and gig and disco party. Mostly tourist are there night life. I went also to mix well gay bar and all are gay performers are funny with customs singing lady gaga.


fellow travellers whoa re working holiday visas. Mostly you can check if you can avail this country agreement if you are 18-30 years old which can work for a year in australia, new zealand, germany, or many others.


buko juice will be good and sweat for this summer occasion although november is rainy season in indonesia. This buko sells for 35,000 rupiahs. and you can eat the meat its good.from the hotel i have to walk 20 minutes to arrive in this massive double six kuta beach in bali.


Many hotels are located near the beach. From double star to five star hotels. Few are taken pics with me . But you can put all just your stuff near the beach and you can look for them if you are saving money.


Be cautious to pick picketers in bali and in jakarta since some of my friends are just taken by this crooks. Me too i missed my flight because i didnt book my train tickets from yogyakarta to jakarta which took 8 hours and mostly saturday and sunday are busy for locals that they go home to their own residence so better book it a day before so you can get late or missed your flight home.

SONY DSCI paid 8,000,000 million rupiahs for missed cebu pacific flights. i hate this airlines so much.



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