border crossing / TRAVEL

Bus from Bangkok to siem reap 

While I try to configure out for first time travellers how to get into the border of Cambodia from Bangkok

The bus schedules are on the chart and it took around 5 hours to get the border in poipet Cambodia depends how long and busy the immigration from baan Klun Luk in Thailand to process the exit stamps. The bus fare is around 10$ to get to siem reap from Bangkok bus station.

The rest of the trip from siem reap to Phnom Penh from 5$ bit because today is Chinese New Year they increase to 7.5 $. For the information of tourists, 1$=4,000 Cambodian riel . This nation is 1 & country where the base of basic commodity for example junk food, noodles fried and flag patches are 1 &. Hostel the cheapest one I have is 3$. The food breakfast lunch and dinner is 2&. The fate from Phnom Penh to Saigon is 10$. The schedules are in the chart. There are so many bus companies but this one is easy for me. They only have guesthouse for just 4$ room. All the bus trips going to go chi Minh city from Phnom Penh are close until 31. This is hilarious! I ended up starting 3 days here in Phnom Penh .


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