a bus from Hanoi to Vientiane

I was really in hurry from the hostel in hanoi which was I paid 86000 vietnam dong , 1USD=20,000 vietnam dong. And it was nice that the hostel staff book me an uber and take a taxi for my trip to nuoc ngamBus station

itTook me an hour from the taxi going to nuoc ngam bus station . Then I paid 500-000 dong for the bus from hanoi to vientianne.  The sleeper bus leaves from 630 pm and after 20 hrs we has arrive at vietnam me.  But the border crossing from hanoi you have wait for an hour while the bus stops for refuel and the immigration exit from have to pay 1 US.  Then you have to walk from the laos border going to the border of Thailand .when you exit visa you have to pay  1$ from laos.then you have to walk again going to the border of laos while the bus is waiting .


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