bus from pakse (laos) going to bangkok (morchit) bus station 

This route after paying and having a lunch in pakse which is all cheap and I have a very nice meal for just 50,000 kips you can have 1 extra  rice , one bowl of beef soup, 1 can of pop and 1 meal of roasted chicken and one laos beer which is huge 560 ML

The bus from pakse to bangkok is possible only if you will book it directly to the travel agent . Of all my travel this one I find it hard because you have to look all the hostels and restaurant selling booking boat ferry going to 4000 islands and in don khong island both lies in pakse and you can easily find a hostel for 7 to 8 $ per night. In hostel world or near the city center just bring also mosquito repellent coz both southeast Asian countries has lots of malaria . Also in rayong some schools have cases of flu virus which occur because of the airborne diseases which you have to be careful also bring medicines with you for flue and vaccines for malaria and flu 

Anyway the fare that I paid for the bus ride from crossing from Laos border going to bangkok is 235,000 kips which I make a bargain from 270,000 kips just make bargain or used your bargaining skills 

Then stay to the hostel you book and the mini van will  pick you up at 3 pm and then after 30 minutes you will arrive to the laos border and you have to take off all your luggage and walk 5 minutes to.surrender the departure card and pay 1 $ for exit stamps.its common to laos in any laos border to pay 1 dollar for.every stamps you get for your passport .I. e when I came from hanoi to laos border 1 $ and when I exit from laos another 1 $ but when I saw some of the foreigners they have to pay for visa on arrival especially if you are from north America like.canada USA you have to pay more like 40$ compare to Europe and Australian cuticles which pay less 

For my passport I’m a member of Asean nations so I can stay for 30 days in Laos   I like to stay more but because it’s my fourth month of travelling which I started November 2016 in jakarta.and bali , then taiwan in December , Philippines , January in ipoh.kl malaysia and singapore and then phuket in Thailand and way back to bangkok , siem rrap and phnom Penh Cambodia , ho chi minh city and hanoi , halong bay in Vietnam and now in rayong , south of Thailand 

So way back the bus depart after after this immigration boarder like yaks you an hour for waiting for your companion in bus because it has 2 stops then the second one , after exiting Lao and entering thai border they have an agent which  will guide you to the bus and take you to chicken bus which will lead to to the right bus waiting for passengers going morchit bus station in bangkok where every point of bangkok you can find buses there .the trip takes you around 10 to 11 hours sleeper bus.


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