bus from vientianne to pakse

After crossing 20 hrs over  night bus from hanoi to vientianne , I am thinking to see some of the beauty from the south of laos,  pakse. Pakse is more affordable and the beer there is very cheap 12,000 lip is 1 US so the bee cost only 10,000 lip almost less than 1 $ the bus from vientianne to pakse cost you around 170,000 kips and I got trouble withdrawing money from my account because I got insufficient fund that is why I Just take some of my vietnam dong 100,000 vnd and my thai baht which is around 600 and I got almost 145,000 kips which I told the ticket booth in the bus that I have only 140,000 kips and if she take it and boom I got a bus leaving at 18.30 pm the bus is double deck 

And you can sleep for 9 hour sleeper bus ride with free bottle of water and biscuit then I arrived at 6 am at the terminal 2 bus station of pakse

Then I walk around just few minutes going to the city

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