My first mexican experience

17201290_1949437352001760_7656894727181892722_nI am in Guadalajara now, and because I dont know what to expect after landing from Guadalajara International Airport, It was little bit odd for me. From exhausted travel and connecting flights which I flew from Edmonton to Seattle and then to Los Angeles and then Guadalajara .7 hours from lax lay over anyway too much for this travel arena

So from Guadalajara airport down to the hostel that i book is almost 20 minutes depends on traffic and I ride via grab and I  paid 250 pesos. but this sounds weird it shouldn’t be much about the fare.

Then after reaching my hostel which I paid 180 pesos del centro hostel near the 17103590_1949433642002131_2763482503671995195_nguadalajara university, I find a way to travel cheap, I contact host in help exchange and then He invite me to work in his hostel  for free bed and with 2 free meals, I am not complaining it.



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