southeast asia / TRAVEL

Free tour in Singapore airport 

I must say that it’s my first time in Singapore but I was really amazed how they build trains , when I landed I. Singapore chaingi airport , the wifi there is to be purchased or you have to have a data used by buying Singapore SIM card which I did like MI for 15 Singaporean dollar  it’s good if you travel to Singapore for 3 days or more and you. An save transportation by buying the tourist card for trains bus not including taxis, in my trip for example I just purchased Singapore tourist pass for 50$ , I mean for 3 days you can get u limited travel transportation and you can save money for this, but for just 2 days or short this is not a good idea 

 And if you have 6 hours free tour before your flight so why just take out from the airport and see a bit of the city but you have to register in the counter of Singapore airport where it’s near the Cebu pacific hub ,

As the night calls, visit the botanical garden which has free entrance and the marina bay hotel which at the top you can’t come unless you have stayed or reservation but I just had a look where the receptionist barred you in their door.

If you think Singapore food is expensive , think again for this street food everywhere you can purchase it for 2.5 Singapore dollar if your vegetarian same price and you can get a big meal .

It’s so much fun to see Singapore and if you have questions just ask me or subscribe to my YouTube channel in my profile 

The train map of Singapore city 


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