Hanoi, vietnam

Temple of literature in Hanoi

It’s been a while that I feel lazy to write but I m here in Mexico , not the city but the second largest city , anyway the tour I had with my friends became more special to me , I met this British person while I was walking to the garden 

The. He came and we began to talk , I forgot the name of this garden in Hanoi but there is an entrance of 30 Vietnamese dong  and 

then after 2 hours of talked, we had a nice coffee This one is very famous in Hanoi , you can buy the coffee filter for cheap  and you can filter your coffee grands  then after the discussion and little dinner which I would not recommend for travellers to dine in this restaurant because something fishy  but the Hanoi beer is cheap like less than 20,000 Vietnamese dong and just like any other beer 

Well in Hanoi you can’t expect in the whole Vietnam that the king of the road were the motorbikes expect that when you land on vietname get ready to rent the motorbike for 24 hrs for 50,000 Vietnamese dong so you can save money exploring and not paying too much taxi fares


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