bus trip from hanoi to Vientiane 

I made a trip from Hanoi to Vientiane via sleeper bus and it cost me around 500,000 Vietnam dong for 21 hour bus trip 

I went to bus station of nuoc gam which cost around 25,000 Vietnamese dong via taxi from my hostel which 5 pm is traffic and it was pass 6 pm when I get in the bus and departed 

The bus is more comfortable other than one I took in Malaysia and in Thailand or Indonesia there is one central tv which plays laos concert or movies 

The bus arrived in the border at midnight so it stop there for passengers to have sleep and at 7 am we went to wait for the border crossing in muac bai opens I have to pay 1$ for enter and exit pass which for visa I don’t have to pay if you have ASEAN passport , Canadians pay 40$, and American tourist and European is 30$ for a visa stay 

The border was massive people usually Vietnamese and they are waiting for their passport to be. Called since one guy from the bus took all their passport in one . And he has to tip the immigration 

Then like markets people are waiting in the border which I describe was very trashy and I’m lucky my name was called quick when I handed the passport then I walk 15 minutes from a sloppy highway going to the bus , and then the bus after everything is good continue to the travel until

At 2 pm after , 2 hours spending and waiting for the border stuff we arrived

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