border crossing / TRAVEL

Bus from Vientiane to pakse in champasak 

It took me around 8 hours when I did sleeper bus from Vientiane to pakse and I arrive there in the morning of 5 am it was really quick our bus leaves at 10 pm  

And we arrived at dawn of 5 am I’m still bloody sleepy which there is a snack offer a sweat biscuit and water I paid 70,000 kip for one way and I have to exchange all my Vietnamese and some of my 

Pakse to Vientiane ticket booth

Thailand baht just to take the trip . I have trouble with my ATm but I find a way to sort it. I went to this temple while I walk to find a cheaper hostel but I don’t know nothing aside from looking at the hostel . The hostel here is around 10$ for a stay which I saw near the Mekong river 

Then I walk for a day and I am short of money , so I just take a lunch at the sabaidee since I can’t go to my host since they are in don khong river 

Then I got the cheap deal for bus from pakse to Bangkok via ekkamai


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